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Mayfield Heights Walk-in Shower

A walk-in shower is made for safe usage by people of all different ages and may have limited physical abilities. Unlike standard showers with slippery and potentially hazardous steps, walk-in units can be accessed easily with a wheelchair or walker. 

This type of fixture is also in demand by households with young kids and pets because they’re easy to use and comfortable. If you’d like walk-in shower installation in Mayfield Heights, The Bath Authority is the go-to team for the job. 

We’ve been dedicated to providing superior products, knowledgeable service, and visionary designs since our company was established in 2020. You can trust our specialists to finish a walk-in shower remodel that balances your practical goals and style. 

For that reason, we encourage you to navigate to our gallery page to view a sampling of our past projects. We also invite you to set up a free consultation where you can discuss your project ideas and inspiration. Give us a call at 866-539-2284 to begin.

Benefits of Installing a Walk-in Shower in Mayfield Heights

Walk-in showers are distinct from standard models because they don’t feature doors or steep ledges. These changes make them comfortable and safe in addition to giving the space a larger, airer appearance. 

Prefabricated models are designed with a slight dive to trap water, but custom models can be installed with a gentle slant instead. The second option is ideal for individuals with issues related to mobility and joints. 

Options for Walk-in Showers

Here at The Bath Authority, we handle each walk-in shower remodel in Mayfield Heights with a personalized approach. 

Our #1 objective is to make your new shower perfectly suited to your physical requirements in addition to complimenting your home’s style. That’s why we provide a wide spectrum of options and materials for personalizing your brand-new walk-in shower. 

Here are some of the features you can tweak for your Mayfield Heights walk-in shower installation:

Choose the material, color, and shape: 

You can select from a wide spectrum of colors and materials for your new walk-in shower. From classic subway tile to modern acrylic and rustic stone, your imagination is the only limit.

Add doors or walls: 

Your new walk-in shower doesn’t have to have an open-format design. Lots of homeowners prefer features like glass or tile partitions, fabric curtains, and glass shower doors. These features can offer a bit more privacy and keep water in the shower.

Think about add-ons

Add-ons can increase your comfort and the safety of aging homeowners. For instance, grab bars can make it simpler to enter and exit the shower area by giving people something to grab hold of. In addition, we can install benches and seating so bathers can recline comfortably for the duration of the shower. 

Mayfield Heights Walk-in Shower Installation

When the time comes to install a walk-in shower in Mayfield Heights, The Bath Authority will be standing by and ready. Our remodeling specialists will help you decide on the best combination of materials and accessories for your revitalized bathroom. We’re also dedicated to respecting your timeframe and budget to offer a polished bathroom remodeling experience.

When you’re ready to schedule your free consultation and price quote, all you need to do is reach out via the form on our website or call our office at 866-539-2284. We’re pleased that you’re partnering with our team for walk-in shower installation in NE Ohio!

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