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Bathroom Renovations:

Thinking about renovating your bathroom? There’s no better time than the present! And with a bath renovation by The Bath Authority, you can be enjoying your new bath or shower in just one day. That’s because our team specializes in one day bath renovation services, meaning we’ll work quickly and efficiently to complete your renovation goals with minimal disruption to your home. 

Bath and Shower Renovations

The secret to our speed is that we build your new bath or shower ahead of time based on your bathroom’s measurements and dimensions. When we arrive at your home on installation day, we’ll affix the unibody system into place. The result? A sturdy, long-lasting bath renovation at just a fraction of the price of a full bath remodel. That’s what makes The Bath Authority one of the most sought-after bath renovation companies in your area!

One Day Bath Renovations by The Bath Authority!

The Bath Authority is your one-stop-shop for stylish and affordable bathroom renovations. Whether you need a new bathtub, a remodeled shower, or a custom-built walk-in tub, we have all of your needs covered. 

The benefits of a bath and shower renovations are numerous, including: 

  • Dependable: A new bath or shower is a long-lasting addition to your bathroom. Since our baths are built using sturdy, dependable materials, you can look forward to many years of unparalleled comfort and style. 
  • Easy maintenance: Our tubs and showers are built using sleek acrylic that’s both antimicrobial and non-porous. That means it doesn’t naturally trap dirt like purpose bathroom surfaces, and the unibody design means no hard-to-clean grout. 
  • Stylish: You have the freedom to decide what your new bath fixture looks like, including the design, material, and hardware. You can choose a new tub or shower enclosure that perfectly complements the style of your bathroom.
    Excellent investment: Bathroom renovations are a great investment in the value of your home and also have an excellent return on investment should you decide to sell your house in the future. 

Give The Bath Athuroity a Call For Your Next Bath and Shower Renovations

When the time comes to start your bathroom remodel, simply fill out the contact form on our website or give us a call at (855) 486-3842. We’re excited that you’re choosing The Bath Authority as your trusted remodeling partner for your next bath and shower renovation!

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Sale Ends Soon 10-01-2023

Get $1,000 Off a New Shower or Bath Plus 36 Months of Interest-Free Financing