Bathroom Safety for Seniors


Bathroom Safety for Seniors

As we age, prioritizing safety becomes increasingly important for our well-being. Equipping ourselves with the right measures to prevent injury not only gives peace of mind but also ensures continued independence. One area that often demands attention is the bathroom, particularly the bathtub and shower. According to a 2008 study by the CDC, approximately 234,094 individuals sustained non-fatal injuries in their home’s bath and shower area. When considering ways to enhance home safety, an aging-in-place design should be taken into account. This design incorporates functional and accessible elements to prevent accidents for individuals with mobility concerns or restrictions. Keep reading to discover simple adjustments that can transform your bathroom from one of the riskiest places to the safest area in your home!

Consider a TubtoShower Conversion
or a
WalkIn Tub

The initial step toward creating an accessible bathroom is choosing the right bathing space. When aiming for a safe and accessible bathing area, two options come to mind, tub-to-shower conversions and walk-in tubs. Opting for a walk-in tub is beneficial for users with limited mobility in elevating themselves from lower spaces. This eliminates the necessity to step over a high ledge, significantly reducing the risk of tripping and falling. The Bath Authority’s walk-in bathtubs come equipped with built-in handrails and non-slip flooring, providing extra stability. Another alternative for enhanced accessibility is a tub-to-shower conversion. This setup allows for low to no-threshold options, eliminating the need to step over the high wall of a bathtub. It also offers ample space and comfort for individuals in wheelchairs, promoting self-independence while eradicating injury concerns.

Make Sure Your Bathing Area has Textured
Non-Slip Surfaces

Slippery surfaces in the bathroom pose a considerable hazard, especially for seniors. At The Bath Authority, our baths, showers, and walk-in tubs boast a robust textured surface that prevents slips and falls among elderly users, providing peace of mind to families and caregivers. Our ADA compliant surface breaks the tension between your feet and the base/tub, preventing water from pooling when stationary. This outstanding feature significantly enhances safety.

Choose a Shower or Bath with Faucets and Controls at an Easily Accessible Level

For a safe and enjoyable bathing experience, ensure that faucets and controls are easily reachable. Flexible extended shower heads and lever-style handles help reduce the risk of injury and struggle. Our accessibility additions include easily reachable shower heads, anti-scald temperature control handles, and more! Contact us for more information about our industry-leading accessible faucets and safety features.  

Incorporate Grab Bars and Shower Seating

Support and stability are pivotal in an effective aging-in-place design. Grab bars aid in achieving proper bathing positioning and offer balance support. Typically positioned near the back wall and entrance of a shower or bath, these bars provide crucial assistance. Seating is another vital feature to ensure stability. All accessible showers and baths should include some form of seating to prevent slips and falls. At The Bath Authority, our ADA showers and walk-in tubs are equipped with these essential features, safeguarding you from potential injury and harm. Our priority is providing enduring, quality products that offer the peace of mind you deserve. accessibility features Creating an aging-in-place bathroom design aims to enhance your bathing experience while prioritizing safety. Establishing an open and easily manageable bathing space with grab bars, seats, and a textured surface will increase self-independence and comfort. Start today to create the most optimal accessible space for your home. We service many multiple locations including: Cleveland, OH, Columbus, OH, Indianapolis, IN, Milwaukee, WI, St. Louis, MO, Charlotte NC, Pittsburgh  PA, Louisville KY, Baltimore MD    

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