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Therapeutic Tubs

Therapeutic tubs are a wonderful investment for Strongsville homes who are looking for a way to improve their everyday hygiene routine. This type of bath fixture provides a comforting experience for residents of different ages and levels of mobility. 

If you’re considering installing a therapeutic tub in Strongsville, The Bath Authority is the right team for the project. We’ve been a leading installer of accessible and therapeutic tubs in NE Ohio since we opened our doors in 2020.

Therapeutic tubs are popular additions because they: 

  • Give you the supreme leisure experience
  • Hydrotherapy has several health perks like enhanced blood circulation, lower blood pressure, better sleep quality, and pain relief
  • An abundance of ways to personalize your rejuvenation experience.

Expertly Installed Therapeutic Tubs in Strongsville

While hot tubs can deliver fun and relaxation, therapeutic tubs offer additional benefits with additional features and engineering. Many therapeutic tubs are also “hydrotherapy” tubs, meaning they use jets to treat aches and discomfort related to health concerns like arthritis. 

Typically, therapeutic tubs are placed above ground using premium-grade building materials like acrylic or fiberglass – however, you may also find in-ground therapeutic tub models as well.

Some traditional add-on options are:

  • Ergonomically designed seating
  • Massing jets for certain muscle groups
  • Lighting to boost the ambiance
  • Control panel to personalize things like water temp, lighting, and hydro jet activity

Therapeutic Tub Installers in Strongsville 

Bringing a therapeutic tub into your Strongsville home can revolutionize your everyday routine. Whether you want to age at home or just want a spa experience, this type of tub will ensure you achieve your goals and more. 

The visionary team at The Bath Authority will assist you in selecting the perfect features, design, and materials. We’ll also provide you with a no-cost price quote for the project. 

When the time comes to schedule your consultation, give us a call at 866-539-2284 or send in the quick form on our website. 

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